20130626-210709.jpgThe bowl of chips sets on the table, calling to you to come over and indulge. You know you shouldn’t start nibbling. You really don’t want to. But what the heck, maybe just one. Then before you know it you have eaten a ton of the chips. You feel gross (even though they were beyond delicious!). It is not your fault. Yes, that is true: it is not your fault. The ‘problem’ starts with your tongue. Yes, once again that little muscle in your mouth is the cause of trouble for you! Whenever a person puts food on their tongue that is starchy as a potato chip or nacho you are doomed. This starch instantly triggers your body to produce a natural marijuana-like chemical called endocannibinoids. (interesting that marijuana is cannabis which causes the munchies!) Endocannabinoids make many foods irresistible. Once past your lips starchy food stimulates a biological mechanism that encourages gluttonous behavior. A signal you cannot control is sent immediately to your brain and then through a nerve bundle in your intestine. This signal then triggers the production of endocannibinoids which in turn triggers you to want more of the food that initially started the entire chain reaction. The result is you ‘chow down’ and end up feeling miserable for it. The potato chip company that dares you to ‘eat just one’ knows it is nearly impossible. I wonder how many people have tried eating just one and end eating the entire bag! What a clever marketing tool! Don’t feel guilty for eating too many snacks. The only way to limit this reaction is to not eat any at all. Now that would be an entirely different challenge!

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  1. Jen says:

    WHHAT!?!? You like chips!? I had no clue ;) miss you!!

    • Ann says:

      Dang, I so do love chips! But my favorite chips are those from the large white, foil-clad bag that must weigh 6 pounds with the cute black lettering proclaiming “chips”. Duh! Better yet, in fact the best was the surprise personal delivery at my door. Loved looking out that little glass rectangle and seeing your smile with the recognizable bag. Ahhhhhh, heaven.

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