Many recipes develop extra layer of flavor with the addition of wine.  I have an elegant Chicken and Mushroom preparation that calls for dry, white wine.  A creamy-soft, fruity, cabernet in my Bolognese Pasta sauce truly finishes the dish.  When I add wine to a dish, I only add wine I would like to drink by the glass.  Of course never terribly expensive wine, but decent wines go into my recipes. Some recipes actually call for cooking wine.  Stop!  I believe you only put in your recipe what you would drink with your recipe, and believe me, you would not drink cooking wine.  Cooking wine is often rice vinegar!  In the United States many cooking wines are treated with salt and have added food coloring. Good food takes effort, so reward that effort with good wine, in and out of the recipe!

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  1. Tina says:

    I love this and couldn’t agree with you more. I have recently started experimenting with using wine in my cooking and have not bought, nor do I plan to ever buy, actual cooking wine.

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