Pink salt – that’s what! Pink salt? Until recently I too had nevr heard of pink salt, or more specifically Himalayan Pink Salt. As of just a few days ago white table salt no longer lives in my kitchen. Tossed, gone, good-bye, never come again!  White table salt is high in sodium. Just one teaspoon has about 2400 mg of sodium.  Sound like alot? It is! Daily nutrional guides will report adults should limit their sodium intake to about 2300 mg of sodium per day as a maximum. The American Heart Association advises adults to limit, yes limit, their intake of sodium or 1500 mg of sodium per day or less.  That is less than one teaspoon. (Read the blog entry, Avalanche! for more sodium information.) Enter Himalayan Pink Salt, or Pink Salt as I will refer to it for this entry. Pink Salt is a pure, hand-mined salt that comes from ancient sea deposts.  It is believed to be the purest form of salt available.  Yes, you read that correctly, the purest form. Pink Salt is purer and higher in good minerals. Pink salt has a rich mineral content that includes over 84 minerals and traces elements as calcium, magnesium, potassium, copper and iron (that’s why it is pink). Pink salt is mined, not refined or processed and thus more than likely better for you. White table salt is refined salt, and these days refined usually does not mean anything too good for you!  Table salt containes sodium aluminosilicate to aid in anticaking of salt. The FDA permits the use of aluminum in this form even though some studies have associated the injestion and application of aluminum with the increase risk of Alzheimer’s. Used in cooking just as you use common white table salt, Pink Salt has only about 483 mg of sodium per teaspoon.  Think of the difference!  Best of all it will work equally well teaspoon per teaspoon and in foods even though the sodium content is so much less.  Be brave and add it to you salt shakers, you condiment dishes, your cannisters. Try adding one teaspoon to a gallon of distilled water for drinking to create your own energized water.  Himalayan Pink Salt can be pricey. Be careful where you buy it.  I have seen the Pink Salt in health markets for nearly $9.00 for 10 ounces, about $6.00 for eight ounces in a general market, and recently ordered 5.5 lbs online for $19.00 which included shipping.  When it comes to your health, Himalayan Pink Salt is a good investment. Be smart, invest in yourself for a change!

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  1. CHERYL BROCHER` says:

    Is this something someone on a low salt diet can use without fear of another bout of Congestive heart failure? If so, it sounds too good to be true!

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