My family has many favorites.  We have them often when we get together.  Our daughter loves Orange Gravy on Mashed Potatoes.  When I visit her kitchen I make a large batch so she can have a bit to freeze.  Our oldest son loves German Potato Salad, and even when we visit him and his family in Alaska, that’s what I make.  Our youngest loves Jerk Chicken.  He recently told me the story, when I was making Jerk Chicken yet again for him when home with a friend from Colorado, of how he was at a friend’s house back in high school and made some excuse to be home earlier than everyone else.  He didn’t want to tell them he really  wanted to get home so he wouldn’t miss Jerk Chicken! My husband loves Eggplant Parmesan.  Often when unpacking groceries he will pull out an eggplant and say, “Hmm, how did that get in here?”  Makes me smile every time.  He loves my low-fat recipe for this dish! My favorite, at least for now as my favorite seems to change from time to time, is Grilled Wild Shrimp with Truffle-Lime Glaze.  I must say though I can never pass on pasta made on my counter and topped with my Bolognese Sauce. Makes my mouth water just thinking about it!  Double yum!  Making dishes that are favorites for my family is satisfying.  I love doing it. The recipes in this section are truly tried many times, and truly favorites.  Many have been adapted to be a bit more healthy than when I made them a few years ago.  I hope you find one you will want to try! Who knows, you might have a new favorite too!


done gravy

The Perfect Gravy Magic – With Or Without Pan Juices!

Mashed potatoes call out for gravy! Making homemade gravy is becoming a lost art. Why put up with lumpy, runny, or flavorless gravy when tasty gravies are ready-made and waiting   Read More …

pea saladd

Vodka Pea Salad

Thinking ahead to my dinner I was hosting I had everything set except what to make for a salad. I didn’t want to have a big green salad mostly because   Read More …

cream sauce mix

Fairviewfoodie Italian Cream Sauce Blend

This is a tasty sauce mix, and so handy to keep in the refrigerator. I use it in Chicken & Pasta Bruschetta, but it stars in other uses as well.   Read More …

mayo on bread

Make Your Own Mayonnaise!

Mayonnaise has been around for ages. It was first created in the late 1700′s so ages is an understatement. A chef to a french duke created mayonnaise as a sauce,   Read More …


Oven-Fried Chicken

  Fried chicken is so good. It’s crunchy, tasty, and satisfying. Sadly, fried chicken can also have a great deal of salt and of course, tons of fat. Try oven   Read More …


Butter-Cream Frosting

Butter cream frosting is the handiest frosting. It is good on just about everything that needs frosting. So many recipes for  butter cream frosting have no business having the word ‘butter’   Read More …

poppy sd ck dn

Old-Fashioned Poppy Seed Cake – Reinvented!

I remember poppy-seed cake. I remember my neighbor making it for my sister’s birthday. It was layered, had a delicious custard filling, and beautiful frosting that looked like basket weaving.   Read More …

shredded beef burger

The Perfect Shredded Beef Sandwich – Really!

When serving a large group, or taking something to a potluck I love this shredded beef recipe. Often if I think the ‘kids’ might show up during a weekend I   Read More …

ravioli soup

Hasty-But-Elegant Ravioli Soup! Low Fat & Low Sodium!

Soup is magic, I swear it!  It can be a great meal in itself, or a wonderful first course. It is always so sweet to have soup as a first   Read More …

pot and fish

Low Fat, Low Carb Stuffed Potatoes! A Guilt-Free Treat!

Twice baked potatoes, stuffed potatoes, whatever you call them I love them. The only draw back for me is all the carbs.  I found a way to increase the flavor,   Read More …

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