There are so many tools, gadgets, and gizmos in my kitchen toolbox.   I cannot imagine preparing food and cooking without them. My mixing wand, pasta machine, kitchen scale, and  mandolin, are all invaluable to me.  I am sure ‘back in the day’ cooking results were just as satisfying without using all the many tools residing in my kitchen at this moment.  The right tool for the right job makes cooking and food preperation much easier and even more enjoyable.


compost bin

Stylish Compost!

For the past few years as I began to compost in earnest, a plastic coffee can adorned my counter to house the vegetable scraps destined for the compost bin. The   Read More …

sqush spoon

Easy Squash Prep Tool!

Cleaning a squash or pumpkin for baking can be messy, and time-consuming. Make it easy on yourself by using a tool you may already have in your kitchen drawer. Scraping   Read More …


Condiment Cups

Condiment cups are the handiest little kitchen helpers. Often when preparing ingredients for a recipe I like to measure out the ingredients prior to mixing everything together. The condiment cups   Read More …


Clean Enough To Be Healthy, Dirty Enough to Be Happy!

It doesn’t matter what might need cleaning in my house. As long as my floors are clean I feel like my house isn’t in such bad shape! I especially like   Read More …

oil botle

Dress Up Your Kitchen – And Your Olive Oil!

Several years ago we were so close, so very close, to moving to Indiana. Anyway during the ‘visit’ to Indiana I met the most intriguing woman. She was a doctor   Read More …


Woks Are Wonderful!

For several years I have had a wok. My kids got together and just knew I needed a wok. They ‘tapped’ into their dad and voila I have a wok!   Read More …


Save The Wine!

Mmmmm, I love the full taste of a good red wine. I always enjoy a glass of good Cabernet, but one or two glasses is it. The remainder of the   Read More …

green pan

Green Pan – Love It!

Here I am sitting with my second cup of coffee early on a Sunday morning thinking about ‘kitchen stores’. I absolutely love browsing through a kitchen store stocked with endless   Read More …


Oil Misters – A Kitchen Necessity

  Oiling pans, cookie sheets, bread bowls, or just about anythng else is so easy is you have a oil mister. I love using these simple kitchen ‘must haves’. The   Read More …


A Flame Thrower? It’s Just What I’ve Always Wanted!

Love, love, love, trying new things in my kitchen.  New ingredients, new tools, new recipes, new gadgets. Recently I mentioned I thought I would like a kitchen food torch, or   Read More …

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