It seems once tomato plants begin to produce there is no stopping them for a time. Tomatoes are usually plentiful in my garden up until first frost.  I have made every possible concoction with tomatoes.  I  have given away a few, sent some home with the kids, and fed my chickens tomatoes. Our dog, Max, is happy with the imperfect tomatoes.  He loves a tomato for a treat.  Max has always been a bit unusual!  I don’t want to waste one tomato. Tomatoes are high in potassium.  Infact tomatoes have more potassium than a banana.  I have a huge crockpot.  I remember I bought it years ago as I never had enough stuffing at Thanksgiving so everyone could have their fill when we ate leftovers the next day.  The crockpot holds a generous amount, tomatoes included.  I wash my tomatoes, scoop out the core, and give them a gentle squeeze to remove many of the seeds.  The crockpot is filled to the brim.  Next I add celery, carrot, and onion chunks.  Salt and pepper with fresh basil and rosemary are added.  The crockpot is left on high all day.  Once cooked I use my mixing wand to blend the tomatoes until smooth right in the crockpot.  Seeds and peel disappear in a few minutes of blending. I fill cupcake tins with the sauce.  Once frozen in convenient half-cup portions I pop them into a ziplock bag.  Delicious, home-made tomato sauce is just a freezer away all winter long.

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