IMG_0405 A quick sandwich makes a good lunch, a nice side for soup, and a great brown-bag partner.  We really get tired of the same old condiments on our sandwiches: mayo, mustard, or relish. Sometimes all three when we want a change. A short time ago I was slicing tomatoes to add to our sandwiches.  The tomatoes never came close to ripening on a vine. They probably never even had the sun shine on them, and seemed almost plastic-like. They definitely were pale and flavorless. These would never add a bit of flavor or texture to a sandwich. In a pinch, I sliced the tomatoes. After heating a little  olive oil in a pan I added a bit of dried basil and oregano, and just a hint of garlic. I tosed in the sliced tomatoes and sauteed them. They got a bit mushy and I IMG_0403thought: ‘tomatoe mash’! I continued to cook the slices a bit until soft all the way through, and scrambled them all together. I spread the mix on a plain old, grilled, chicken sandwich and yum, what a great addition! Tomato Mish-Mash has become a standard for sandwiches.  It really dresses them up and works just as well on an open-faced sandwich. Recently I was hard pressed for a spur-of-the-moment appetizer. I made up a bit of my Tomato Mish-Mash and added a few capers I had on hand, and just a few leftover black olives. I used some whole grain crackers on which I had melted some fat-free cheese. I added a dollup of my  Tomato Mish-Mash and wow! They were a hit, and so delicious. Everyone thought I fussed! Try it and be surprised!

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