A few days ago we decided to go fishing.  Ok, I didn’t really so much decide to go fishing.  I decided to go along with my husband. Not to give you the wrong impression, I do love to eat fish, and I do love to go fishing. Anyway we were going fishing.  I couldn’t fish because I kept putting off getting a fishing license. So we arrived at the spot, bemoaned the low water due to the drought, etc. etc.  What stuck in my mind was the snack we brought along. A few years ago our fishing snack would have included something similar to a jar of gooey, processed, cheese dip, corn chips, and don’t forget the beef sticks.  A lovely brown, fully-sugared, carbonated liquid quenched our thirst. This fishing trip we shared an equally yummy snack of two nectarines, water, raw cauliflower, and two granola bars! Best of all, we didn’t think or feel for a minute we were missing anything.  I threw this snack together just as quickly as I did fishing snacks years ago.  We had taught ourselves to eat differently, and to think differently about how and what we ate. That snack on the lakeshore made me realize we had passed an important test we didn’t even know we were taking.

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