sand.Thanksgiving dinner is a favorite feast for so many people. The table is usually laden with food, each dish more flavorful than the next. Don’t forget the aroma that fills the house with the rich smell of roasting turkey. Then there are the leftovers. For many leftover food from Thanksgiving equals a plate filled with a cold serving of just about everything that was on your feast table. You ‘zap’ it in the microwave and indulge. Wait a second! Looking for a nice change of pace? Or better yet, want to pack leftovers for your lunch the next day? Here you go! Try Thanksgiving Dinner Sandwich. The name describes it perfectly. Cranberries, turkey, stuffing, and gravy all combine in this delicious sandwich.

parts sandFor each sandwich, spread cranberries on two slices of bread, as thick as you like. *Next place turkey on each piece. On one of the slices, place stuffing on the turkey. Put the two now-filled slices together to form your sandwich. Heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil in pan and heat on medium. Place sandwich in pan and grill to lightly golden. Flip and grill remaining side, adding a bit of olive oil to pan if needed and grill sandwich. grilll sandHeat gravy and place in small dish with each sandwich. Dip away – and enjoy your leftovers!


*If you like more stuffing than turkey on your sandwich, rotate the turkey and stuffing when building your sandwich.

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