corn2Husking sweet corn is a pain, pure and simple. The husks come off easily enough but the silk sticks and clings and it seems no matter how picky I am in removing it all, there is still a straggler once it is time to eat the corn or cut it off the cob. The trick is to not even try to remove the silk before you cook your corn. Many of you may know this trick but since it is sweet corn season it is worth a reminder! This husking method works in the microwave and on the grill with some adjustments. For 6 ears of corn you need  to trim off the bottom of each ear with a sharp knife, husk and all. Cut about 1/2 inch from the bottom the ear itself, not the stem that was attached to the plant. Next gently remove only a few of the outer husk pieces, making sure to leave a layer to two on each cob. corn3Don’t even think about touching the silk! Next moisten a piece of paper towel for each ear of corn. My microwave will fit 6 ears side-by-side easily. Roll each trimmed ear  in the moistened paper towel. Place each wrapped ear in the microwave and cook on high for about 10 minutes for 6 ears. You may have to adjust the cooking time depending of the power of your microwave. Once cooking is complete remove corn but do not remove paper towel. Using oven mitts grasp cob by silk end and twist. Hold firmly to bottom of cob with another oven mitt. Twist and pull and out pops a cleaned ear of corn minus the silk and super moist for eating! The trick is to remove the husk and silk all at once while ear is very  hot.  Ears that have cooled down a bit don’t husk as corn 5JPGnicely. If using a grill, prepare the ears up to the point of rolling in paper towel. Using twist ties, firmly secure husk around cob near the bottom end. Soak in salt water 30 minutes and grill. Once cooked to your liking get out those mitts and remove the husk and silk all at once with a twist and pull method. Get ready to slather on the butter and celery salt – delicious!

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