A fast, favorite food of ours is Mushroom Gravy and Rice.  When the kids were young this made its way to our table often.  I usually have cooked, brown rice in the refrigerator and use it frequently when putting a hasty meal together.  Mushroom Gravy and Rice is so simple, I don’t really even have a recipe for it.  I just saute sliced mushrooms in a little olive oil, some onion, some garlic, maybe a few slices of roasted peppers, whatever I have on hand so it is rarely the same twice.  I add some basil, dillweed, a bit of fresh ground nutmeg, and sage along with about 3/4 cup stock.  Then the magic happens.  To make a sweet, creamy sauce I simply add a cup of Soy Milk Creamer. It is a bit sweet, has no saturated fat, and thickens to a beautiful sauce after just a few minutes of gentle simmering.  It works as a sauce for vegetables and chicken.  It is equally good served with rice, potatoes, or a pasta.  If you have Oven Meatballs in the freezer, these too are complimented by the sauce.  Soy milk creamer freezes great.  Try it!

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