The last time I went grocery shopping, okay, we went grocery shopping, I am sure I totally embarassed my husband but on a small scale! (That in itself is sad!) Honestly I have to admit this does really happen from time to time and I think ‘he’ should take it in stride. Oh, to onlookers ‘he’ so does. But to me, since I know him so well, I know it is a valiant effort. Pretending to be just fine with my excitement about salt-free ketchup, or gluten-free pretzels, or a half-gallon of organic milk with the very same, THE VERY SAME BRAND, I noticed at the end of a driveway at a dairy farm in western Wisconsin near my husband’s home place, no one was prepared for my genuine euphoria at discovering sodium free chicken boullion! Least of all me!  Boullion is used in countless venues in the kitchen.  It is incredibly handy to have in your pantry.  Cooks, and not-cooks, keep stock on their shelves.  If in a pinch mix up a bit of water and boullion and you have stock! Sodium-free stock is no longer hard to find –  thank goodness.  Sodium-free stock is until recently in the never found domain!  Why the fuss?  A serving of regular stock or broth made from boullion mixed with one cup of water has about 850 milligrams of sodium. Remember the American Heart Association recommends for people watching their salt (which in my opinion should be everyone) get 1500 milligrams or less per day.  So toss some stock or boullion into your casserole, your sauce, your filling for enchilladas, your stuffing, and you have over-met (over-met?) your limit. Enter sodiium free boullion!  Fantastic!  It is full of flavor, adds the perfect finishing element to so many foods. Sodium free boullion is exciting! It is someting to cheer about! Just be careful the world isn’t looking! Oh well!

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