salt flakesCoarse salt, fine salt, pink salt, sea salt, salt flakes all make shopping for salt as fussy as shopping for shoes! The latest addition to the salt shelf is salt flakes. These have been around for a long time but usually available only to restaurant chefs. Not any more! Salt flakes are a perfect finish to a dish. Salt flakes are low in trace minerals and this makes them more ‘pure’ and gives them their strong flavor and adds to the crunchy texture – a nice addition to finishing a dish. They work well if you are watching your salt. You can just add a pinch of salt flakes to your dish right before serving and avoid any salt while cooking, which usually involves more salt than just a pinch. Salt flakes provide a strong salt flavor without a lot of salt. A quarter teaspoon of salt flakes (or a healthy pinch) has about 580 mg of sodium, much like sea salt. Salt flakes are really crystals that have a great deal of area for their mass. Think of them as garden veg slt flklarge but thin, flat, crystals. This is what gives salt flakes their crunch, and the crunch is part of their charm. Salt flakes came my way as a surprise gift from my daughter recently and I was hooked. Hmm, my daughter knows the perfect shoe to surprise me with, and now the perfect salt!

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