veg peelersLooking for a lost/misplaced zester in my utensil drawer I found three vegetable peelers. Why have one when you can have three! Two were pushed and basically buried in the back of my drawer. They had not seen the light of day for quite some time, and definitely had never been in close proximity to any food, at least not in my kitchen. My favorite peeler is small and square-shaped. I have had it for years and I think I actually got it in a box of kitchen items at an auction years ago. I love this peeler. It never fails me, fits my hand perfectly, and makes fast work of peeling just about anything. My ‘newest’ peeler came with my knife set and is not worth the aluminum it is made of. The other is nearly as old as the one I like but has a long slim handle and honestly, I don’t like it. We just don’t get along! I don’t know what I will do fav peelerwhen my old-fashioned peeler gives out. I have begun to keep my eyes ‘peeled’ when shopping for a peeler similar to the one I like but have yet to find one. I never realized just how many different peelers are out there. Perhaps I will just have to go to an auction, buy a box of mixed kitchen utensils, and hope! What is your favorite type of vegetable peeler?

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