A pantry in my kitchen was always a dream of mine.  I had a serious case of ‘pantry eny’.  I never had a pantry so I compensated and stuffed cabinets and cupboards with items I needed. I even added a shelf in my laundry room to hold all my kitchen extras. Not long ago we were bemoaning quite a useless kitchen closet that was left in place after remodeling our kitchen. With lots of thought and not a lot of expense or work my husband converted the closet to a pantry full of storeage shelves and bins. Absolutely perfect – I love it! It holds cooking equipment:  food prossesor, pasta machine, and blender to name a few. In addition it has all my paper products and tons of glass jars filled with flours, sugars, vinegars, and grains.  There are extra boxes of stock, jars of spices, and just about anything you might need and do not want to run out of.  I count my blessings every time I open that pantry door!


giant kholarabi

Kohlrabi ! A Little Is Good, A Lot Is Great!

Kohlrabi are mildly sweet, filling, and nutritious. Kohlrabi has about 35 calories to a cup and provides nearly 84 mg of vitamin C. Perhaps more important is the powerhouse of   Read More …


Banana Magic, or Banana WannaBe: You Choose!

Many, many times I am working on a recipe and need to add banana. Banana is a wonderful way to add sweetness to a recipe without cane sugar, or heaven   Read More …


Sometimes the Most Simple Things Get Me Really Excited!!!

The last time I went grocery shopping, okay, we went grocery shopping, I am sure I totally embarassed my husband but on a small scale! (That in itself is sad!)   Read More …

fairview foodie_kale

Meet My New Friend, Kale

Kale is  an ultra nutritious green not many people use in their cooking, or are even familiar with.  You can easily grow it yourself, or check out the produce section   Read More …

fairview foodie_redquinoa

Red Quinoa

Wanting to cut down on fast carbohydrates such as potatoes, pasta, and white rice, a substitute was needed.  Let’s face it, carbs do satisfy a person’s hunger (temporarily) and fill   Read More …

fairview foodie_soymilkcreamer

Soy Milk Creamer

A fast, favorite food of ours is Mushroom Gravy and Rice.  When the kids were young this made its way to our table often.  I usually have cooked, brown rice   Read More …

fairview foodie_vermouth

Try Vermouth in Your Cooking

Vermouth has a serious place in  my kitchen.  Since I very rarely use butter when cooking,  some dishes lack a certain ‘richness’ in flavor. Whether cooking a sauce for chicken   Read More …

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