egglessNothing is more frustrating than getting ready to bake something and reaching into the refrigerator to find the egg basket empty! How did that happen! You always have eggs. Not today! I must admit I have even gotten to the point of having all the dry ingredients in my bowl and just then notice the lack of eggs. Yes, this means I am not one of those precision bakers who carefully sets everything out on the counter prior to tackling baking. Sometimes I just get an idea and attack my island where I keep all my baking supplies and begin mixing away. Living out in the country I just can’t run next door, or hop to the store three minutes away. I must confess though that I have run to the barn and frisked my hens to be sure there wasn’t a stray egg in a nesting box. So what do you do when you need an egg for baking and have none? There is a plausible substitute when you need just an egg or two. No, this won’t work when you need a scrambled egg for breakfast, just for baking. For a recipe that calls for one an egg you just don’t have  substitute the missing egg for two tablespoons corn oil, one tablespoon water, and 1/4 teaspoon baking soda. Mix it all together prior to adding it to your bowl. Sadly this won’t work if you need several eggs, but does work well in a pinch when you need one or two. Hopefully you won’t ever find yourself needing an egg. Of course, not, you are much too organized! Jot the egg substitute down on a sticky note and file it your recipe box – just in case!

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