ori chp sal cls up Making a salad for any meal for me is a favorite. Okay, maybe not for breakfast!  I like salads that are refreshing, a bit crunchy, and filling. Salads don’t have to be loaded down with high-calorie dressings and sodium to be good. This salad fits all my requirements. The dressing has no mayonnaise or sour cream and is refreshing. Top with a few grilled shrimp or slices of lean chicken breast and your salad will keep you going all day. The dressing is made in a blender or food processor and is delicious made right before you enjoy it or chilled a bit first. The ‘secret’ ingredient is ginger root. Ginger root is sold in your produce department and is inexpensive, and yes, it is rather unattractive. Ginger has lots of health benefits itself and makes this dressing so delicious. I have tried substituting ground or dried ginger but it just plain does not work. Don’t do it or you will wonder why you did. The recipe below makes two large salads so you can adjust the amounts to make whatever amount you would like. Try it out!

ori chp sal ingreSalad* If in a hurry many grocers carry oriental salad mix

6 cups packed salad greens – Any type you like will work but part romaine is good in this recipe.

1 cup chopped cabbage
2 tablespoons honey or lite agave syrup

1 grated carrot

3/4 cup diced celery

4 green onions

1 cup cucumber peeled and seeded

½ bell chopped pepper

Place all the ingredients on a large cutting board and roughly chop with a chef knife. Place in a bowl and chill while preparing the dressing.


ging dress¼ cup water

1 medium carrot cut into chunks

3 whole green onions

3 x 1-inch piece of peeled, fresh ginger root – use only a 3 x 1-inch piece

1/3-cup vegetable oil

3 tablespoons rice vinegar

¼ cup white vinegar

1-tablespoon lite soy sauce

2-teaspoons sesame oil

¾ teaspoon hot sauce

Add all the ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Use the dressing immediately or chill.


toasted almonds and/or broken ramen noodles




Combine all the chopped vegetables in a large bowl. Add two-thirds of the dressing and gently stir to coat the salad evenly. Place the salad on a plate or serving dish. Top with steak, chicken, or shrimp and drizzle with the remaining dressing. Garnish with almonds or ramen noodles.

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