Oiling pans, cookie sheets, bread bowls, or just about anythng else is so easy is you have a oil mister. I love using these simple kitchen ‘must haves’. The biggest advantage to using an oil mister is knowing  exaxtly what type of oil you are using. It is difficult to find a spray with really good quality olive oil that doesn’t cost a fortune. Filling your own mister is much more affordable.  I have one for olive oil, one for canola oil, and one for seasame oil as well.  Using a mister allows you to use less oil when preparing pans and get the same result as if you used more.  The misters are easy to use. Just follow package directions to easily pump air into your mister and spray away.  I like using a clear mister so I can easily see what and how much oil is in each bottle.  Oil misters do not do any damage to the environmentand and in the long run save you money.  Invest in an oil mister or two. They are inexpensive , $5 – $10. The can be found in cooking stores as well as most kitchen departments of discount stores. You will love the convenience! Best of all is knowing exactily what you really are spraying on your food and utensils.

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