cidar pressJust the other day our son and his fiancé were out in the yard pressing our early apples for juice so they could make some hard cider. We have had this old cider press in our shed for years. We bought it at an auction and have used it a few times at summer’s end for pressing apples. It is made of thick wood and heavy cast iron. It is behemoth and must weigh a ton. The baskets that hold the fruit, the basket lids, and even the hopper are made of thick wood slabs and seasoned with years of use. The press takes a great deal of muscle power (but no electricity!) as it is hard work to crank the press just as it is to turn the grinding wheel that crushes the fruit. The clean-up is so easy, just haul out the garden hose and give it a good spray! Let it dry in the sun and haul it back in the shed, with a lot of help of course! Now the funny part is that I wanted to write a blog entry about the press. Then just yesterday while shopping in a quaint college town in northeast Iowa I was browsing in a kitchen store. Sure enough, two young men were in the shop looking around and got to talking about their juicers. The competition began! They bantered claims back and forth, my juicer handled more fruit, my juicer cleaned up much easier, my juicer was more efficient, my juicer was faster, and on and on. I just smiled and thought, ‘hmm, my juicer is better than yours!”. And it is!

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