fresh banana, appleBananas are high in potassium. You know it. You have heard it. Your mother told you. Low in potassium? Have a banana. Not so fast! First of all, why do you need potassium? Potassium helps to build proteins and also works to break down and use carbohydrates. Potassium builds muscle and helps control the acid balance in your system. Potassium also helps normal body growth and development, so it is important for young and old alike. What many do not know is that a key function of potassium in your body is to control the electrical activity of your heart. Important? Oh my yes! No you know why so many ‘sport drinks’ contain potassium. But where do you get it? Oh yes, those bananas! Wrong! Yes they do have potassium (and a lot of calories) but there are other foods that have more potassium and will help you reach your daily requirement of about 3.5 grams per day. From highest to lowest potassium level, try some of these other foods to help reach your daily requirement.

White beans

Dark leafy greens (raw spinach, etc.)

Baked potatoes with peel

Dried Apricots

Baked Acorn Squash

Plain, fat-free Yogurt



White Mushrooms


Yes, bananas are 10th on the list! Tomatoes and cantalope also have potassium. Think about potassium in your diet, and look at all the foods, some high calorie, and some low, that will help you consume more potassium-rich foods. You may never look at a banana the same again!

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