giant kholarabiKohlrabi are mildly sweet, filling, and nutritious. Kohlrabi has about 35 calories to a cup and provides nearly 84 mg of vitamin C. Perhaps more important is the powerhouse of minerals in kohlrabi. One cup of raw kohlrabi provides about 14% of the RDA for potassium. It is also high in copper and manganese. Kohlrabi can me found in fall and summer at your grocer or farmer’s market. More recently  they can even be found year round. My most favorite find in the kohlrabi world is the giant kohlrabi. Typical kohlrabi is about baseball size and yields about a cup of vegetable. The giant Kossak kohlrabi is at least four times that size. I recently discovered the giant kohlrabi at a local farmers market. I bought two. One weighed 3 lbs. 14 oz., and the other 3 lbs. 7 oz. Both sizes are normal for this variety. They are sweet all the way through and have no woody center, which often plagues typical kohlrabi. Keep your eye peeled for the giant kohlrabi. Eat them raw or steamed and see for yourself how delicious they are.

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