For years I have had a butcher’s block knife holder sitting on my counter.  This does the job of storing your knives but when you are busy preparing food  you don’t need to guess which blade you will be pulling from your knife block.  You can see the handles of your knives if you use a block, but not the blade. After tiring of the block hide-and-seek method I resorted to putting my knives in a drawer. This didn’t work as well either as the knives banged against one another which will not help keep your blade sharp, or they got piled in the drawer and made digging around the drawer for the knife mildly dangerous.  The solution for me is a magnetic knife rack.  It is mounted under one of my upper cabinets near the stove in my prep area.  I can quickly see every knife and always grab the exact one I need.  I have less drawer clutter and have once never cut myself while in search of the needed knife.  It’s interesting as most people upon seeing the strip full of my knives on my wall comment, ‘Oh, you are serious about cooking!’.  No, I am serious about keeping my knives sharp and handy at the same time!  I have trained myself to gently pull the sharpened side of the blade away from the magnetic strip to remove the knife.  Dragging the blade against the strip will dull it. Magnetic knife holders are a great addition to your kitchen. I would not want to be without it!

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