warm plateLittle touches mean a lot. Stocking your refrigerator with you guest’s favorite wine, picking up the dishes when a friend has you over to share a bite, whatever it is, it is appreciated. Well folks, enjoying food on a warmed plate is no different. It doesn’t matter if you are having 8 people in for a small, informal dinner, having your dearest friend stop by for lunch, or preparing a formal dinner for several, little touches still count. And of course, when the same person shares your table day after day, year after year, they too would appreciate a special little touch. No matter how many people you are serving, 1, 6, 15, warm up the plates. Thanks to microwave ovens this is a simple task. Put the plates in the microwave on about 70% power for two minutes. If you have many to do and need to warm them in batches -no worries. Do as many that will fit comfortably in your microwave oven. Take them out and cover them with a thick towel. Do some more and add them to the stack.I cannot tell you how often people have  taken a plate and have smiled as they said, “Oh, — my plate is warm!” It is appreciated. It works a little magic all by itself. The other plus is a warm plates helps food hold its temperature until it hits your mouth. Who likes cold mashed potatoes anyway!

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