raw tunaLooking for a sumptuous steak for dinner? Something just a bit rare, full of flavor and texture? Something filled only with good fats and about zero bad fats? Something you cut with your knife and sense your mouth watering before your fork even makes it to your tongue? This is it! Yellow fin tuna fits the bill perfectly. Before you think ‘no’ – it’s fish, try it. Yellow fin tuna to me is the protein that seems more like red meat than fish.  Prepare it correctly and tuna may be a new regular on your menu. Dredged in spices and cooked fast and hot in zero oil if your pan is able, or just a bit if not, tuna is delicious. Check out my recipe for Fast Tuna with Spice Rub.Try it and just see if you don’t enjoy it too.  For me tuna is best prepared in a sauté pan on the stove with a lid nearby to seal in the juices. Baking, grilling, and broiling always result in a product that is too dry, or too rare if you attempt to keep it from drying out.Tuna is so good, so satisfying, and so meat-like you may just want red wine with it rather than the typical white wine associated with fish. Purchase yellow fin tuna that is wild, or wild caught. Tuna should be an even red, cut in a solid chuck with no loose bits falling away, and at least an inch thick.  A serving of yellow fin is from four to six ounces. Once you get your tuna home prepare it soon or freeze it if you must. Treat tuna like you would an expensive steak. Your wallet just won’t feel that same squeeze.

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