tablesettingsSetting a welcoming table for me is just plain fun. I enjoy having people over for dinner and love all the fuss that goes with it. I want my dining room to look festive no matter what time of year my guests will be over. I use a seasonal, homemade centerpiece and my white dishes. White dishes showcase the food. Black placemats add a nice, classic touch. My trick to a pretty table is good, heavy, cloth napkins. When I want an elegant look I use a gray and silver cloth napkin which looks quite classy. My green napkins add color for just about any season. My daughter gave me some gorgeous blue print napkins I love as well.  Hmmm, I think I have a cloth napkin addiction. This may explain why I never buy paper napkins and haven’t for years! Anyway, when setting your table, just adding a simple edible treat to each plate also adds a bit of fun to each setting. I like to buy an edible treat that matches the season. Chocolate leaves for fall, small candy canes for December, white chocolate snowflakes for winter. You get the idea. When having people who may not know each other well,  a great trick is to place a fortune cookie on each napkin. This is an excellent conversation starter! I remember having one of ours kids and their friends over for dinner prior to some high school dance and the fortune cookies really helped cut the ice among the self-conscious teenagers. Have fun setting your table. Your guests will remember it, and appreciate it!

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