fish chips Potato Chips are my weakness. Just about any size, any shape, and most flavors make my list of chips I love. I think who ever invited chip dip should be canonized a saint; right up there with Mr. Crumb who came up with potato chips in the first place! My favorite chip is a homemade chip with salt and pepper. They are mouth-watering good. One large potato will make two giant servings of chips and use very little oil if fried at the right temperature. Little oil and lots of chips from one potato makes me wonder why chips cost what they do! Make your own and impress yourself. I am sure they keep for a long time in an airtight container but I can’t really attest to this as I never have any leftover. Never, not once. Shame on me!


dry chipsTwo large potatoes. Russet work the best, but I usually have

red potatoes on hand so that is what I use and they work too!

Safflower or peanut oil

Salt & pepper


dry and fryUsing a mandolin to slice your washed potatoes very, very, thin.

They should be almost ‘see-through’ thin.

Place slices in a bowl of cold water for 3-4 minutes. Rinse well.

Spread all chips in a single layer on a thick towel and cover

with another towel. Gently roll towel with chips inside.

IMG_fry chips1753Pour oil in pan so it is about 2-inches deep. Heat to 350 degrees

or hot enough so a drop of water will spatter and bubble when dropped on the surface of the oil.

Unroll towel just enough to remove enough chips to fry

without overlapping. Use a spider or large, slotted

hommade chipsspoon to push chips under oil, Fry until golden brown,

about 2 minutes. Remove to paper towel and season

while warm.

Unroll towel to expose just the ones you will fry and

continue until all are fried. This will make enough chips for four normal people, or two chip-aholics, like me, or when no one is looking, I may just eat them all myself.

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