skewersChicken kabobs, steak kabobs, veggie kabobs; gosh I like them all. Grilling season is the time when food skewers are put to use probably more frequently than any other time of the year. Skewers can be used all year-long as we did just this past Christmas. Our youngest made Thai Chicken on skewers that were such a hit with everyone. I think skewers hold a bit of magic. It seems that I can get little ones to eat just about anything if it is on a skewer and there is a dipping sauce. Anyway, if you are cooking or grilling with skewers you know you ha ve to soak the wood skewer several hours before you put your food on them. Wood skewers have to be saturated with water to prevent burning and disintegrating. No one wants their kabobs falling apart right before you serve them! More often than not I don’t plan too far ahead when making any kind of kabob. Soaking the skewers can slow down, or even eliminate your good idea! When you get your skewers home, soak the entire package right away for two or more hours. Once they are soaked, use what you need. Spread the remaining skewers out on a baking sheet in your freezer. Be sure the skewers are not touching so they don’t freeze together. Once frozen, place all the skewers in a zipper bag and return to the freezer. Now when you are ready to make a kabob, just take what you need from your freezer and you are set! If you need skewers for something that doesn’t require roasting or grilling, you can still use your frozen kabob sticks. And just think, when you keep your skewers in the freezer, you’ll know where you put them and you  won’t have to dig through your kitchen to find them!

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