green panHere I am sitting with my second cup of coffee early on a Sunday morning thinking about ‘kitchen stores’. I absolutely love browsing through a kitchen store stocked with endless items just waiting for me to drop in my basket. I truly cannot remember a time I did not wander through the displays and not find something I wanted to try, to buy, to covet, or to drop not-so-subtle hints about. My husband and I love spontaneous day trips, or road trips as he calls them. I like them too, but like them even more when I find a little shop that sells gadgets, dishes, spices, or just about anything relating to food. A recent trip found me drooling over a rack of green cookware. Not knowing a thing about them I actually was first attracted by the color. Needing a new pan (I am sure I must have ‘needed’ a new pan!) I started label reading and discovered just how great green pans are. Such pans offer non-stick, and true non-stick without chemicals and sealants that you know will find their way into your food no matter what ‘experts’ say. I am always wary of such claims as more often than not that same expert will have an ‘oops’ regarding that claim, based on the scientific data, of course.  So I purchased the heaviest green pan in the size I wanted and absolutely love it. It has never seen a drop of oil, yet I have used it for bean burgers, eggs, fish, potatoes, at least so far. The green pan I have is coated with a natural ceramic and does not chip, flake, or emit toxic gasses. It cleans with a damp paper towel. Love the new pan, and now I am thinking I need one or two more in different sizes. Cannot wait for the next road trip!

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  1. Laura says:

    What are they called? I like to use my cast iron but delicate things will stick. I recently learned cooking w/ cast iron can add iron to your diet!

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