clafoutiA fruit clafouti is a French, egg-rich dish that can work for a dessert or better yet, as a breakfast or brunch dish that is a bit different than most. Kids love this for breakfast and a clafouti is a great way to pack your kids with protein before they head out the door! The recipe calls for only ¾ of a cup of flour so it is a bit carb-friendly, as well as low-fat and low-sodium. Use a sugar substitute and reduce the carbohydrates even more. The eggs make it high in protein. Fruit clafouti puffs up as it bakes and then settles some as it cools. It is best-served warm. I like making this with sour cherries, whole blueberries, or diced rhubarb. Any fruit that is whole, dry to the touch and a bit solid works well. If you are using pitted cherries be sure and air dry them a bit on paper towels to prevent your clafouti from turning pink; unless of course that is the color you are after! The recipe works for baking the clafouti in a large dish, or divide the batter and fruit among ramekins for individual portions.


fruit claf1 tablespoons very soft butter

½ cup sugar plus 2 tablespoons

3 cups fruit

4 large eggs

1 ½ cup low-fat milk

2 tablespoons brandy or liquor (Orange juice may be substituted here.)

2 teaspoons maple syrup

½ teaspoon lemon zest

¼ teaspoon salt

¼ teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg

¾ cup flour

batter claf½ cup ground almonds (A coffee bean grinder works!)

powdered sugar


Butter a 9 x 13 glass baking dish, or 8 large ramekins

In a large, deep bowl beat the eggs on high until smooth, about 1 minute.  Add the ½ cup sugar, milk, butter, brandy, syrup, salt, and zest. Beat on high for 2 minutes. Add the ground almonds and flour and blend until smooth, scraping sides of the bowl. Butter the bottom and sides of the baking dish and sprinkle with 2 tablespoons sugar. Place fruit on the bottom of the dish. Pour batter over frit and place in a preheated 425˚ oven. If baking in individual dishes fill dishes half full. Bake a 9 x 13 pan about 40 minutes or until baking pick inserted in the center comes out clean. Adjust the baking time for smaller dishes. The clafouti will puff and become golden and the center will set. Cool 20 – 30 minutes prior to cutting. Dust with powdered sugar before serving. This is delicious served with a drizzle of half & half or maple syrup.

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