People could literally fill their cupboards, and heaven forbid, clutter their counters with kitchen gadgets.  Kitchen gadgets are an industry in themselves eating up fuels, creating mounds of plastic with a life expectency beyond reason, and leaving a huge carbon footprint.  Granted many do make life in the kitchen easier. I love my gadgets  but I also love my old-fashioned kitchen ustensils that do the job without electricty, without assembly, and without a genius mind in the owner just as much.  I have several, graters, steamers, ricers, choppers, peelers. Take my kitchen steamer.  It is old, I mean really, really, old.  Old for me is in terms of before our children were born. My steamer is basically self-adjusting to any pot.  It always holds the food up out of the water, and acts as a strainer just as readily.  Steamers like mine can still be found on stores shelves though they don’t seem as popular as there is no three-prong outlet at the end, and comes with no directions.  My steamer is put to work for vegetables like squash, brussel sprouts, green beans, goodness I can’t think of a vegetable I could not use with my simple steamer. It works for cabbage rolls, filled dumplings, and even works to set a bowl on to substitute as a double boiler when needed. And yes, once it did a nice job as part of a halloween costume. Check your discount stores and you will find one, probably tucked away and a bit dusty.  Buy one! You won’t regret it!

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