tuna done

Tuna is delicious and will fill the void if you ae missing steak from your diet, or just want a change! Purchase wild or wild caught yellow fin tuna that looks evenly red, evenly thick, and not swimming in red juices. Tuna should be firm, and should not smell ‘fishy’.  Yes, you can and should ask the person behind the counter to allow you a ‘whiff’ if in doubt. Once home rinse in very cold water and pat your tuna dry. Rewrap and chill until time to prepare your tuna.



For 2 servings;

10 – 12 ounces yellow fin tuna in one solid piece.

2 tablespoons fresh coarsely cracked black pepper

2 tablespoon white sugar

1 tablespoon dried parsley

¼ teaspoon ground cumin

1 teaspoon Old Bay Seasoning

1-teaspoon dill weed


cooked tunaMix all spices until well blended.

Pat fish dry and rub spices on both sides of tuna, and on edges.

Heat pan to medium high. If necessary for pan use add 1-tablespoon olive oil.

Add fish when pan is very hot. Lift pan a second or two from heat. Return to heat and cook 4 minutes, timing it carefully.

Turn tuna. Sprinkle any leftover spices on tuna. Cook an additional four minutes, covered. Lift tuna and and quickly sear edges. Return to pan, cover, and remove from heat. Rest 2 minutes. Cut tuna into 2 servings and serve on warmed plate.


Delicious with Sautéed Fennel Brussels Sprouts.

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