Lucky me, I have a few hens that supply us with fresh, beautiful, pastel eggs quite faithfully all year long.  The fresh egg access in our home began some 26 years ago when our daughter earned money to buy hens and her profitable little egg business began.  Of course it was profitable!  We bought all the feed and supplies, delivered the eggs, and collected the money which we promptly turned over to her! Who wouldn’t pay for over-priced, fresh eggs sold by an innocent and sweet little 8 year-old! From then on we have had hens as each of the children worked their way through their 4-H years showing poultry at the county fair. Now 7 years since our youngest trucked hens to the fair I still have hens, though fewer, and yes my hens are spoiled, but I enjoy the results. The downside of fresh eggs, well at least for me, is they are so dang difficult to peel when hard boiled!  We love hard-boiled egg whites (The fat in a egg is in the yoik, and it is saturated fat to the tune of about 5 grams per yolk for factory farm eggs. Adult limits of saturated fat per day is about 7% of your calorie intake.  Hmmmm.).   I have tried all the tricks: adding salt to the water, boiling at room temp, at cold temps, boiling them twice, covering them with a towel, and on and on and on.  I still have bits of shells clinging to the white and chunks of egg white coming off with each bit of shell.  Eggies to the rescue!  An infomercial enlightened me about Eggies.  I thought I should try them, but when I saw the shipping and handling was nearly the price of the actual product I passed.  Low and behold, at a local discount drug store I saw Eggies for sale, same price and no shipping and handling.  A bit fussy for first use, but easier from then on.  I love them.  I can crack three egg whites into each Eggie, boil as directed and out pops the perfect egg white.  I can boil them with the yolk in and pop the cooked yolk out easily to the enjoyment of our cat.  No shell bits anywhere!  Eggies ended my frustration with hard-boiled eggs – thank goodness!

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