Oh no! A spider in my kitchen! Good heavens! I hoped that might draw you in to read about kitchen spiders! No traps or pesticides necessary (heaven forbid). A ‘true’ kitchen spider is pictured in this post.  The spider is often associated with chineese wok cooking, and is infact how I came upon my first spider. The handle is long which is handy for deep pots and dishes.  The basket is woven of wire and works great for removing foods from hot oils when frying, but just as well when boiling vegetable or simmering meats.  It is a great strainer anytime!  Some spiders come with a non-wood handle but I like the wood as it stays cool throughout a cooking project. Put a kitchen spider on your ‘want list’. They are inexpensive and practical, and much more kitchen friendly than the little creature with eight hairy legs!

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