oil botleSeveral years ago we were so close, so very close, to moving to Indiana. Anyway during the ‘visit’ to Indiana I met the most intriguing woman. She was a doctor of this or that. Well that is insulting. She had a PHD and was so intelligent and well versed in her field. When talking casually at a reception for us she mentioned her scotch closet. For some reason I was instantly intrigued. Scotch closet? Next she stated her closet held only single malts. Single malts? I was thinking ice cream! Soon I learned that is the best scotch. She talked about her scotch collection, which I thought sounded amazing. Pictures of old, antique decanters filled with the valuable amber liquid came to mind. That gave me a great idea! I keep my good olive oil near my stove, ready to use. The bottles they come in are not very attractive. My olive oils are good quality but not insanely priced. I purchase them at my local market and love trying new brands, new types. Once opened my oil could roost on a shelf in my pantry. But why not treat them like valuable scotch, and dress up my kitchen at the same time? My olive oils had sat out on a shelf near my stove in a plastic ‘squirt’ bottle for years. Very convenient, and very ugly. That would not do! Now my olive oils are waiting at hand in cut-glass decanters, just like valuable scotch. I love the way the light bounces off the cut edges of the glass and how the highlights change throughout the day as the sun moves around my kitchen. I have found many decanters at antique shops for less than $15.00. You can also purchase them at any home decorating store for about the same price. These decanters dress up my kitchen. And honestly, they just make me happy!

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  1. Jen says:

    Yep.. We HOOSIERS know our liquor ;)

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