floorIt doesn’t matter what might need cleaning in my house. As long as my floors are clean I feel like my house isn’t in such bad shape! I especially like my kitchen floor to be clean, really clean. My favorite tool for cleaning my laminate and tile floors is my steam mop! My sister told me about steam mops and I thought I had better give it a try. I was hooked! The mop does not use any type of cleaning product or special cleaning cloth. That’s right, none. It uses water! Mopping my large kitchen floor and my dining room takes about 1 cup of water!  The cleaning pad attaches and detaches to be thrown in the laundry once used – less waste again and less of a carbon footprint!  I love the fact that the steam disinfects my floors as it cleans – an important plus when you have grandchildren on the floor. The steam mop leaves no residue so the floors really do seem to stay clean longer. There are several brands of steam mops available. Mine has a swivel head, which I like. Some come with a detachable head so you can use to clean your shower and tub. That would be nice to have! An elderly lady once advised me that my house should be clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy. Well I keep trying, and the steam mop certainly helps!

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