1Cherry tomatoes are long-awaited. We relish their fresh deliciousness. Soon we are noticing there are a few too many in the dish. Next we are offering our friends our excess, and after a bit, they are coming out of our ears. One cherry tomato plant can produce zillions of cherry tomatoes. It is a wonder they are not given away in stores. So what do you do with these little ruby wonders? After a few salads, a few snacks, a few dropped into sauces it is time to get serious. Marinate these jewels and you will be pleased with the results. Sealed in jars the cherry tomatoes last for months, and if you add a vinegar dressing they may last longer than you.The bonus is that once you eat the tomatoes, or toss them in pasta, or dollop them on a salad the oil, or dressing they have been brining in now becomes a very classy infusion. The tomato infused liquid is priceless. Drizzle it on salad, on roasted vegetables. My favorite is a toasted baguette with fresh mozzarella with the tomato infused liquid drizzled over it. Yumlicious! so how do you do this? Wash and dry cherry tomatoes. Remove any stems. In a clean, sterile jar, loosely pack the cherry tomatoes. Fill the jar with your favorite Italian Dressing. Seal the jars and chill at least 48 hours. Enjoy your tomatoes on salads, pizza, or as a snack. Don’t throw away that precious liquid! The tomato infused liquid is perfect on salads, pasta, grilled bread, or just about anything. Give it a try, you will not regret it!

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