locker labelRecently I made a visit to the new Story City Locker. I was so impressed. Everyone on staff was very friendly and helpful. The locker itself was spotless and glistening. I so appreciated how my wide-eyes grandchildren were allowed to walk into the back area and see what was going on. The selection was great, meat of all varieties, and lots of other goodies too!. My ‘kids’ were craving steak. I purchased two large beef sirloins, grass-fed of course. met rubThey each weighed about 2 1/2 pounds and were lean, thick,  and gorgeous. Once home I thawed them and while waiting for them to come to room temperature before I began preparing the steaks I coated them with my special blend of cumin, garlic and onion powder, ground ginger and coriander, plus a of chili powder and brown sugar. I like adding a bit of sugar as it helps the lean meat get a nice golden sear.  I seared both sides on a really hot, almost-smoking skillet, and then popped it into a 250-degree oven for about 25 IMG_2426minutes and the internal temperature was about 130 degrees, just the way we like it. After allowing the steak to rest under foil a good 5 minutes, I sliced it for everyone to enjoy. The steak was thick, packed with flavor, and just plain luscious.cut seak My boys raved about it, and my daughter loved it as well. The meat was such good quality and best of all, local. We all agreed it was the best steak we had in a very long time. I plan on being back at the locker soon!

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  1. Thanks for your encouragement and enthusiasm Fairview Foodie! That beef came from Broadhorn Farm in Truro, IA. They raise Belted Galloways…..a great grass fed beef. We’re happy, and so is Broadhorn Farm, that you’re raving over their beef!

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