rasp creamLet’s face it, sometimes you just need a dessert. Indulging in luscious, rich, chocolate cake will usually result in ‘eater’s remorse’. Scoops of ice cream drizzled with hot fudge will have the same effect. Let’s not even begin to entertain the thought of fresh apple pie, in season or not. So try Raspberries ‘N Cream and eat it without one negative thought. Lucky for me I have a giant raspberry patch that has tons of berries in late summer, early fall. If you don’t have your own raspberry patch, no worries. Fresh raspberries are almost always available at your grocers. This is a perfect dessert for you, or you and others. Yes, this is actually good for you, and low-calorie at the same time. Serve it in a fancy dish and I swear it tasttes even better. So go ahead, indulge a bit and savor every decadent morsel. The entire dessert has 146 calories and only 1 1/4 g unsaturated fat. Skip the cookie (are you crazy?) and the fat is zero and the calorie count is 96. Hmmm, keep the cookie. The recipe is for one serving, but double, triple, whatever! It is so delicious! You know, actually, this isn’t so much of a recipe as it is a reminder that fresh fruit is a delicious dessert!

1 cup fresh, washed, raspberries

2 tablespoons very cold, fat-free, half & half

1 chocolate hazelnut, rolled wafer cookie (These are found in the cookie section of your grocer, and sold in metal containers.)

This is so simple you don’t even need this recipe! Fill a chilled sundae dish with the one cup of berries. Drizzle the half & half over the berries, stick in the cookie and that is it! Get ready to make it again and again!

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