Chew your food!  Goodness, I heard

Chew your food! Goodness I heard that often enough as a child. As a mother I am sure I said it even more times, and as a kindergarten teacher I am still saying it. It makes sense. Health sense and weight management sense. Studies have shown the slower you eat (to a point) the better for your digestion, nutrition, weight loss, and even enjoyment. Digestion starts as soon as food is in your mouth. The longer you chew, the easier for your digestive system to get the most from your food.  Proteins are absorbed as you digest food, but protein absorption starts in the mouth when you first begin to chew.  Weight loss is assisted by slowing down your eating just by chewing longer. Eating slowly will help you feel more full and satisfied.  Part of eating is enjoyment.  Enjoying what we eat is a favorite part of consuming food.  So the message here is to slow down your eating experience.  Whether a meal or a snack many ‘experts’ agree chewing each bite about 40 times is optimal to benefit digestion, nutrition, weight loss, and enjoyment.  Try it. It is an easy habit to acquire.  Once you become aware of chewing bites of food 40 times you will be surprised how fast it becomes the norm for you. Couple thorough chewing with drinking more water before and throughout your meal and you will feel more full, and perhaps even happier with what you eat!


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