egg 2Cold cereal doesn’t always work for me for breakfast. Hot cereal makes me feel as though I have ‘carb overload’ just thinking of eating it. An egg and cheese sandwich is my favorite breakfast. It is warm, satisfying, and just tastes absolutely good. High protein, good fiber, good calcium, and low calorie make this sandwich a hit in my kitchen. Since there is no yolk, the sandwich is low, low, low fat too! It’s the go-to breakfast quite often. Many a day we are busy with chores and realize it is lunchtime. Often our breakfast sandwich works for lunch if we didn’t have it for breakfast, and sometimes even if we did. These sandwiches are easy to make ahead and freeze. When making my breakfast sandwich I will frequently make a second. I just wrap it up and take it to work for lunch.

Here is the calorie breakdown for my sandwich!

2 slices toasted bread (I use Village Hearth @ 40 cal/slice. Make it open-face and save more calories!

2 egg whites – 34 calories

1 slice fat-free cheddar cheese – 30 calories


Toast two slices 40-calorie bread.

Cook two egg whites. I use my Green Pan. It needs no oil.

Add cooked eggs to toast slice and top with cheese.

Salt & pepper to taste.

Top with second slice of toast and warm in microwave 30 seconds on medium heat to melt cheese if needed.


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